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NFADB is committed to creating a strong national network of families with individuals who are Deaf-Blind. Our Affiliate Network is a partnership with family organizations and NFADB to collaborate on activities that improve opportunities and services for families.

Together we:

● Promote a strong national Affiliate Network

● Serve as a conduit for information sharing and collaboration

● Strengthen partnerships at local, state, and national levels

● Provide a unified voice that supports and advocates for national policies

● Engage in family leadership development

● Expand and increase Affiliate and NFADB membership

NFADB invites family organizations to join the NFADB Affiliate Network. This can be a group that meets informally a few times a year, or a formal non-profit group with bylaws, policies and procedures. The group membership must be at least 51 percent family members.  

Interested in the Affiliate Network

As an Affiliate, you will have opportunities to:

● Promote your organization through national networks

● Collaborate with other Affiliate organizations

● Partner at local, state and national levels

● Expand and increase membership

● Participate in NFADB sponsored activities

● Receive assistance in developing and promoting your organization

● Promote family leadership through training opportunities, including deaf-blind

conference participation

To learn more about joining the NFADB Affiliate Network, email

Current members of the NFADB Affiliate Network




Arkansas Empowering Families of Deafblindness (AEFD)

Arkansas Empowering Families with DeafBlindness (AEFD) seeks to better understand dual sensory impairment and to advocate for the unique needs of each child. We intend to build bridges between families and their communities – educating those communities about deafblindness and to make changes in medical, educational, vocational, and political systems in order for our children to live as independently as possible with a high quality of life for those who are deafblind.

Visit AEFD website:




Ava’s Voice

Ava’s Voice is committed to providing opportunities to families to make connections. The purpose of Ava’s Voice is to provide financial assistance to support these opportunities, to advance the understanding of hearing and/or vision loss through funding research, and to provide resources and education to the public about hearing loss, vision loss and deaf-blindness.

Visit Ava’s Voice website: 





Deaf-Blind Multihandicapped Association of Texas  (DBMAT)

DBMAT promotes and improves the quality of life for all Texans who are deaf-blind multihandicapped by supporting the establishment of educational, rehabilitative, vocational and independent living opportunities for individuals of all ages.

Visit the Deaf-Blind Multihandicapped Association of Texas website:




Illinois Advocates for the Deafblind (IADB)

The Illinois Advocates for the Deafblind is a non-profit organization of parents, families, friends, and professionals dedicated to protecting the rights and advocating for the needs of all individuals with deafblindness.

Visit the Illinois Advocates for the Deafblind Facebook page:



Michigan Association for DeafBlind

The Michigan Association for DeafBlind provides support, training, and information to empower families so they may better support their children who are DeafBlind.






The New York Parent Association for Deaf-Blind

The New York Parent Association for Deaf-Blind (NYPADB) advocates for individuals with deaf-blindness and their families. NYPADB provides opportunities for families to interact, communicate, and share ideas, experiences, information, and resources, as well as facilitates family events (either local or regional), and offers workshops in collaboration with the New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative. NYPADB sponsors monthly support group conference calls in specific etiologies such as CHARGE Syndrome, and also has a presence through social media (Facebook group) giving families the chance to connect with each other in a confidential platform sharing information, resources, mentoring and everlasting bonds.

Visit the New York Parent Association for the Deaf-Blind website:

The Pennsylvania Partnership for the Deafblind

The Pennsylvania Partnership for the Deafblind strives to:

  • Establish & maintain a network to identify & help connect families with similar needs
  • Develop & disseminate accurate, timely information & share resources
  • Collaborate with other organizations & groups to ensure that the needs & concerns of persons who are deafblind are addressed
  • Educate policymakers on issues involving the deafblind

Visit the Pennsylvania Partnership for the Deafblind website:





Puerto Rico Deaf-Blind Parents Association

The Puerto Rico Deaf-Blind Parents’ Association strives for the inclusion of people with deafblindness into our modern society as productive and self-sufficient individuals, within the extent of their particular circumstances.

La integracion de la persona con sordoceguera a nuestra sociedad moderna, como un ser productivo y autosufuciente deja acuerdo a sus circunstancias particulares. 



 Texas Chargers

Texas Chargers, Inc. encourages, educates, and enriches individuals and families living with CHARGE syndrome.  Texas Chargers is a group of Texas families, friends and professionals who are dedicated to helping children and young adults who live with CHARGE syndrome.  The primary function of our organization is to support the emotional and educational needs of the people with CHARGE syndrome and the families and professionals working with them, to provide them with a better quality of life.

Visit Texas Chargers at 




Utah Deaf-Blind Family Ties

Utah Deaf-Blind Family Ties is a private Facebook Group for families that have a member with Deaf-blindness in Utah.  All members of the group have immediate family members with deaf-blindness and all members live in Utah. We meet once a year for our annual Deaf-Blind conference sponsored by Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind.  This event is not planned by our group, but is attended by our group. We connect with each other on FB.  We share our successes and our trials.  We ask questions.  It is a safe place for us to turn.







OUR MISSION:  NFADB exists to empower the voices of families with individuals who are deaf-blind and advocate for their unique needs.


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