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National Advocacy Agenda from FATE

12-Jul-2022 11:52 AM | Jacqueline (Administrator)

Our pilot FATE team developed this national advocacy agenda:

  1. Require States to include “services to students who are deafblind in special education State Plans” via addenda to existing plans & inclusion in future State plans. The plan should include:

    1. Definition – We want to add this definition to the existing definition in IDEA

    2. Qualified Personnel - Teachers of Students who are DeafBlind and Interveners

    3. Interveners written explicitly in the list of permitted related services for all DB

    4. Technical Assistance - NCDB and State DeafBlind Projects (increase funding to meet current needs)

    5. Transition plans to adult life should align with a State Plan for Adults.

  2. Require States to develop a State Plan for Adults who are Deaf-Blind. Ensure the timely implementation of appropriate services and supports for adults who are deafblind  for a successful  transition from school to adult life, including but not limited to post-secondary education, the workforce, or other settings. [1] The goal is a purposeful life of their choice.  The plan may include:

    1.  Coordination with the Special Education State Plan (initially).

      b.     The array of support services, to include  SSPs/CNs, Interveners, and Interpreter.

      c.      DB Medicaid Waivers 

OUR MISSION:  NFADB exists to empower the voices of families with individuals who are deafblind and advocate for their unique needs.


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